Olive Garden Giving Free Desserts To Leap Day Babies

Iowa – If you were born on a Leap Day, you deserve a special gift since you only have a birthday once every four years… Then again, does that mean you only age one year for every four. Hm. Anyways, anyone born on Leap Day (February 29) can receive four free desserts from Olive Garden restaurant locations nationwide this Saturday to help “make up for lost birthdays.”

If you don’t happen to be a Leap Day baby, not to worry, OG still has a tasty deal for you: The restaurant is offering $2.29 take-home meals to everyone that day. Choices include fettuccine alfredo, five cheese ziti, and spaghetti with meat sauce.

In non-leap years, Leaplings often celebrate their birthdays on February 28th or March 1st. This year, February 29th lands on a Saturday, maximizing the potential for celebration.

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