“I didn’t think Covid could do what it’s done”, Mother, who lost her baby girl after contracting COVID-19 late into her pregnancy, encourages pregnant women to get vaccinated against the virus, to protect themselves and their babies

The unfortunate mother said she lost her baby after she contracted COVID-19 late into her pregnancy. The 31-year-old woman was 7 months pregnant when she contracted the Coronavirus and became very sick. At the time, she says COVID-19 vaccines were unavailable for people in her younger age group, so she did not have any protection against the killer virus. Doctors later told the mother that COVID had destroyed the placenta. She now urges other pregnant women to get vaccinated against the virus, to protect themselves and their babies.

The 31-year-old mom, Toni Dennan, said that she lost her baby after catching COVID-19 late into her pregnancy. The unfortunate woman was reportedly 7 months pregnant in 2020 when she contracted the killer virus. Dennan and her husband Lee went to the hospital when she became very sick. On Dec. 28, 2020, the pregnant woman was rushed for a C-section. Unfortunately, her baby girl, Darcey Dennan, was stillborn, the ECHO reports.

The doctors later told the mother that the virus had destroyed the placenta. Now, the brave mom told the ECHO that she wants to warn people of how dangerous COVID-19 can be for pregnant women and their babies. Dennan also wants to encourage other pregnant women to make sure they get vaccinated to protect themselves and their babies.

Toni Dennan reportedly told The Mirror: “About three days after getting Covid I went downhill very quickly. I had acid skin, I was tired, I could barely walk. I just felt really, really, ill. And with that the baby’s movements were reduced. It was a full-on emergency. But unfortunately it was too late by that point, and Darcey didn’t make it.

I didn’t think Covid could do what it’s done. I don’t think people realise the risk of getting any kind of virus or illness in pregnancy as it totally changes your body. I don’t smoke, I don’t really drink, I exercise regularly and on paper I should have been absolutely fine. But after surgery it nearly killed me, and it took our baby.”

In Feb. 2022, the couple welcomed their second baby, Nancy (Featured Image). The brave mother also said that she wouldn’t have gone into another pregnancy without a vaccine. Now, her daughter Nancy is a healthy, happy little girl and that’s all that matters, she said.

The 31-year-old mother from U.K. told the ECHO: “It’s just not worth the risk of not holding your baby in your arms for a vaccine that could potentially save you from that pain. I would urge every pregnant mother to get the vaccine and not run the risk of not having your baby in your arms like we have.”

Toni’s husband, Lee, said: “The fear of losing your wife and knowing you’ve lost your child is something that I will live with forever. I would absolutely encourage everybody to be vaccinated to protect the people that you love.”

Featured Image – Toni Dennan with her second child Nancy | PrtScr Video

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