Doctors looking for plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients

WATERLOO –  With cases rising in the state, the need for plasma is becoming critical.

Doctors are looking for plasma from people who’ve recovered from COVID-19.

Plasma from former COVID-19 patients contains antibodies from the virus and gets used to help patients currently fighting it.

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center said over the last six-weeks, the need has increased dramatically as COVID-19 cases soar throughout the state.

“Now we have been behind and unfortunately some hospital orders have had to wait,” Kirby Winn, with Mississippi Valley Blood Center, said. “There was a period where we could get doses of convalescent plasma from other blood centers in other parts of the country where demand hasn’t been as high and where product is available, but now that supply is tight.”

At one time, the blood center was providing nearly 140 doses a week, and now that number is more than 500. And with Thanksgiving, the need grows even more.

To donate convalescent plasma, you must have tested positive for COVID-19 and be considered recovered for 28-days.

People 17 and older can donate.

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