Girl died and came back to life, ‘wants everyone to know what she saw in the afterlife’!

As we all know by now, unfortunately, now everyone in the world gets a second chance at life. But, luckily, this girl, Liliana, did and she wants to share her experience with the rest of the world. Liliana reportedly said that her ‘experiencing death’ was just the beginning of a whole new world. When she tried THC for the first time, she suffered a rare allergic reaction that caused her brain and heart to briefly stop working. The brave girl posted a video on her social media account describing what happened in the afterlife. This was her first public description of her near-death experience. In the video, she wore black eyeliner, a black sweatshirt, and had some pink streaks in her hair.

The young girl reportedly said that she was still able to think a little bit when she died. She lost her sense of sight and touch but kept her sense of hearing. Liliana confirmed that you do leave your body after death, but it’s not an out-of-body experience where you hover over the situation and observe it from afar. She added that witnessing a beam of light when you die is also true. Liliana had this incredible but terrifying experience when she smoked marijuana for the first time. She had been warned about drug abuse but still risked her life to experience a high.

In the video, she said that she started losing cognition after just one hit. She couldn’t sit up anymore and passed out shortly after a friend offered her water. When the paramedics arrived, Liliana could hear them trying to revive her, but she had already fallen into what she described as a tunnel that then turned into white light. According to Liliana, you leave your body at the end of the tunnel and return to what she referred to as “the source.” However, Liliana confirmed that she did not meet a divine being or experience anything like heaven or hell. She said that there was just a lot of spinning and some abstract shapes at the end of the tunnel.

In the final stages of this passage, you don’t feel any emotions or have human thoughts anymore. Instead, you become another energy source as part of eternity. One social media user asked her if the near-death experience changed her beliefs or the way she views spirituality and religion. Liliana said that she does still believe in God but doesn’t believe in the manmade versions of God that she sees in the Christian church. Liliana came back to life when the paramedics forced her to throw up and she could finally breathe again. She clarified that her near-death experience was not a high or a trip. She had completely lost consciousness, wasn’t breathing and didn’t even have a heartbeat. 

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