Woman watches as adult movie star uses best moves to test boyfriend’s loyalty, but she was definitely not ready to see what he did!

The brave woman, who was not identified, actually thought she was prepared for anything when an adult-movie-star was hired to test her boyfriend’s loyalty. Unfortunately, she wasn’t ready for what ultimately happened when the big star was given the task of tempting away the unsuspecting man for the show “To Catch A Cheater.” As the movie star approached the woman’s boyfriend, the show filmed the interaction so the untrusting brunette could see for herself what her man had done.

As soon as the footage begins, the p-rn star, Valerie White, attempts to shamelessly flirt with the woman’s boyfriend as he walks into a bookstore. She didn’t get far as the man politely rejected her advances and walked into the store. Undeterred, Valerie waited outside for him to return so she could try to work her magic once again and lure the man into her trap. First, she tried a little manipulation, claiming to be lost. Initially, it looked like she might be getting somewhere with the man when he offered to help her, but it quickly turned out to be just a polite gesture. That’s when Valerie decided to take things up a notch, and the language she eventually used is enough to make a sailor blush. So, be warned, she wasn’t shy at all.

As Valerie begins to push more aggressively, the man tells her that he has a girlfriend, but he accepts her number. However, he then suggested that all three should hang out together — or “four,” seeming to imply that they could double date. When Valerie insinuates they should all engage in se-ual activity together, the boyfriend seems stunned and leaves after asking why the blonde is so into him. The flirtatious adult movie star practically chases after him, offering oral se*, telling him that she’s a p*rn star, and demanding that he look at her lips. However, it appears that the man is only interested in trying to get away. But, things are far from over. Even though most would say the boyfriend passed this test, the girlfriend’s reaction, as seen in the footage, indicates that she has some mixed feelings about her man’s response to the flirtatious female. “Okay, okay. I’m not going to break up with him, but I don’t like that he got her number and said he would hang out,” she explains.

However, things were about to go from bad to worse for her real quick. The worse was yet to come as the woman soon realized when she gave her man a call to let him know that it was all a setup. It was all captured on camera. To her surprise, he was none too pleased. Not only was he angry, he immediately broke up with her since she so publicly revealed her distrust for him. Then, to drive his point home, he even hung up on her after a bold “I’m done.”

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