When mother sent ex-husband this photo of his baby, ‘he was left stunned and called 911 immediately’!

Raising children may feel like a heavy burden and I really think that most parents would agree. For many, raising a baby feels like one of the most critical tasks, so they become overly pressuring to themselves and try hard to be perfect. You may want to avoid making an irreversible mistake that will harm your child’s development. Caring for another human being leaves many parents overwhelmed and wondering how to be better. They may feel weighed down by pressure, burdened by fear of failure, and unappreciated for all the unseen things they do for their children.  And last, but not least important – being a parent is dificult, and some simply aren’t cut out for it.

This mother reportedly left her 3-month-old baby naked on a terrace in freezing temperature levels to spite her ex-husband. Per reports, the woman only received a fine and the child would stay in her care, regardless of the incident. The mother, Elizaveta, texted her ex, the child’s dad, Aleksander, to inform him that the infant had actually been left outside since she kept in mind the infant “pi *** d me off.” She texted her ex: “Come and take a look at her for the last time. I (f-word) locked her on the terrace. Perhaps she (f-word) getting cold. She (f-word) pissed me off.”

The mother sent out the stunning photos to her ex, revealing the child weeping while laying in a basket. The ex-husband described to local news outlets: “I published the images to deny my ex-wife of adult rights. After the photos, I hesitate of what she can doing to my child.” He included: “I am tired of believing that she may freeze the kid to death or toss her away in the street.” When it comes to why he does not take care of the kid, he discussed that he is not able to since he is working excessive. After he made the images pubic, the mother declared that her ex-husband had actually left her all by herself with the infant without any money.

The mother’s next-door neighbors keep in mind that the ex had actually left after the chid’s birth. Authorities examined the matter and a representative described: After inspecting individuals included, the infant was taken a look at by medics and her health condition is stable. The cops representative included: “The mom was charged with failure of adult duties and fined.” Dear readers, we are republishing this story amid recent reports that child abuse has surged in America during the pandemic.

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