The latest viral challenge is going viral for all the wrong reasons!

TikTok is home to some of the most ‘unusual things’ you’ll ever see on the internet. For this reason, TikTok has attracted millions of people who eagerly view disgusting content in order to get their fix and feel something. The latest viral trend being promoted by the platform is called the #CerealChallenge. This online social media challenge requires participants to fill one person’s mouth with cereal and milk and then eat the cereal out of the other person’s mouth like it was a regular cereal bowl. So disgusting!

The person who is being used as a bowl must lie down on a table. Then the other person pours cereal and then milk into the person’s mouth to mimic what they would do if they had a bowl of cereal in front of them. Then they “go to town” on the munchies, eating as much of the cereal as they can from the other person’s open mouth before they lose viewers out of boredom. If you’re like me, you probably think it is disgusting to eat your breakfast cereal with milk mixed with another person’s saliva. That just sounds disgusting to me – even if the person was my kid or significant other, I still would not want to eat a bowl of cereal out of their open mouths.

Although no one can figure out exactly where the TikTok trend starts, it seems to have been going around for several years on social media. However, the Chinese-created platform has made it extremely popular as people record videos of themselves eating cereal out of another person’s mouth just to gain followers and attract attention from other people out there in the world.

Fortunately, this TikTok trend is not too dangerous. While there is a risk that the person acting as the cereal bowl could drown to death – if they are unable to breathe while having the milk in their mouth – there are a few other risks unless the person is lactose intolerant. But that’s another issue. Unlike the Tide pod challenge, which required participants to put pods of laundry detergent into their mouths, the cereal challenge is much more mundane. However, it is extremely gross and could result in someone contracting an illness from another person, especially if the person acting as the cereal bowl is sick with something like COVID-19 or the flu. Internet challenges can be a fun way for people to join in something bigger than themselves. However, the cereal challenge is one that people should avoid lest they contract some sort of disease or illness from another person.

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