The Iowa DNR is offering a program to teach skills needed to hunt, field dress and cook small game to adults who have little to no small game hunting experience

Waterloo, IA – According to the state officials, the workshop will be held on Aug. 13, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Amana Sportsman’s Club, in Amana.

Officials have announced that all participants will learn basic strategies for hunting small game such as proper equipment, where to hunt, safe shooting practices, and how to field dress, butcher and cook them.

The workshop also includes shooting techniques and time on the gun range for those looking to improve their shooting skills.

The workshop is designed for participants 18 years of age and older and the cost is $25.

You can register here.

The program is provided through a partnership with the Iowa DNR, Woods and Waters Project and Amana Sportsmans Club. 

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