Suspect charged in connection to a fire at Maple Lanes bowling alley

WATERLOO, Iowa – On Thursday, an Evansdale man was charged in connection to a fire at a Waterloo bowling alley fire.

Kevin Cruz Soliveras is charged with arson, robbery, and burglary. Police say Cruz was part of a group of people who went into Maple Lanes on University Avenue early in the morning on February 4th.

Officers say they forced a maintenance worker to the floor, kicked him and took his wallet. They are accused of opening vending machines, video games and an ATM to take money. Police say they lit a fire near the worker. That worker did get out safely.

Cruz is also charged in connection to a fire and robbery at the Wishbone Restaurant and Bar in Waterloo on March 5th. He also faces charges for other incidents including, an attempted robbery of an armored car outside a Waterloo bank and burglaries at homes and bars.

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