Parents screamed for help and were terrified ‘after popcorn sent their 2-year-old son to the hospital fighting for his life’!

We all love popcorn, right? Well yes, nothing goes with a family time watching movies in the living room like popcorn. Watching movies and eating popcorn is a great way to create memories and spend time together. Unfortunately, for this family, a movie night became the beginning of a nightmare. The parents told the local news outlet that they picked out a movie and gotten their family settled with a large tub of popcorn. At some point during their viewing of their favourite mobie, their youngest child, Nash, begin to choke on a piece of popcorn.

The boy’s mother, Nicole, stated that her son started to gag a little bit and her husband Jake leapt into action to do the Heimlich maneuver if needed, but Nash seemed to get his breathing under control and the family continued watching the movie. Nicole noticed he occasionally would cough, but she attributed it to a minor virus that had run through the household recently. They went about their night with everyone going to bed and things went as usual the next day until Nicole noticed a Nash was much fussier than usual and had a fever. As most would do, she gave him motrin and sent him to bed.

She chose to stay with him and at some point during the night noticed he was having issues breathing and rang the doctor. The pediatrician recommended taking him to the ER right away which they did where NAsh underwent a series of test. He first had a chest x ray then had to be sedated to have a bronchoscopy done. The end result was that there were multiple pieces, six to be exact, of popcorn ingrained in Nash’s lungs and his body was reacting to the foreign material as if it were an infection. The inflammation around this led to pneumonia. While Nash was undergoing his procedure, Nicole called Jake to come home as he was on a business trip.After the first go around the doctor stated he would like to do one more procedure to ensure they hadn’t missed anything as Nash’s lungs were extremely inflamed.

Nicole wrote all this up and shared it in a facebook post that has since reached over 100,000 people and has ben shared all over the globe. Pediatricians do not recommend popcorn for children under 5 as they can’t cough up the little pieces, as they do not have the strength. The reaction to her post was mostly thankful and people sharing concerns but there were a fews stories shared in the comments of families that had lost children in this same manner and had never considered something so common could be so dangerous to their children. Nicole is just thankful that their story may help even just one child. A lot of families expressed a desire to make sure their little ones never eat popcorn until age appropriate to avoid such an incident happening.

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