Parents refused to take their newborn baby home after they saw his deformities, doctor and nurse did the unthinkable!

Per reports, doctor and nurse did this to the baby boy they helped deliver after his parents abandoned him because he lacked eyelids, a nose, hands and his legs were fused together. The child, Adam, was born with an unusual genetic disorder known as Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome. Although the baby’s lungs, brain and heart are healthy, his appearance worried his biological parents. When they saw his deformities, they refused to take him home for fear of being shamed or worse.

They threatened to poison the child if someone didn’t take it off their hands. While many condemned the parents, some empathized. To those commenting about the birth parents being horrible, should never have more children, are potential child abusers: Did you miss the part where they said the doctors were donating their time? But the hospital bills were already high? Did you miss the part where the nurse knew where to call for help? Did you miss the part where this was in a non-first world nation?,” Tracy said.

So instead, his doctor and nurse, Raja and Jessica, a married couple from India, took him in as their own. After taking the baby to a specialist, professionals performed a variety of expensive surgeries on the child. Meanwhile, their community raised $100,000 to help fund the hospital visits. Within one week, Adam was able to close his eyes and mouth. “Is he going to be perfect? Yes, he’s already perfect. Is he going to be normal by the world’s standards? Never,” said another one of Adam’s doctors, John. While opinions were mixed over the biological parents, most praised Adam’s new mother and father.

“The parents of this child-the ones who adopted him-are truly amazing people. I can’t say that I would have done what they have done,” said Jacob on Facebook. “It is humbling, beautiful, and breathtaking to see that this type of love exists in this horribly evil world we occupy,” he added. “That doctor said it best though: He is perfect.”

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