Mother says daughter was left ‘possessed and is lucky to be alive’ after a stranger did this to her!

The unfortunate mother, Claire, decided to share a stunning video that shows her daughter in a shocking physical state. According to the mother, the 18-year-old girl, Millie, ‘was left looking possessed an dis lucky to be alive, after going out at the nightclub. In a video shared by the mother, Millie is shown unable to walk or talk after she began to feel unwell on her first night out. The mother also spoke to the media after the attention she drew to the case started mounting. She explained that she had decided to share the video to help other girls who might end up in similar circumstances: “As disturbing as it is, if that saves one girl, just one, then it’s worth sharing. Nothing can prepare you to see that.”

According to the mother, her daughter Millie reportedly consumed a spiked drink on her first night out ever. She lost physical control of her body for four hours after taking a drink. A revolting stranger had decided to put an unknown substance into her drink. A man had offered her a drink, telling her try this, and she was soon rushed to the hospital, where doctors suspected she had been given two drugs – one to paralyse and one to knock her out, said her mother Claire. Her jaw was clenched, and her fingers are folded like claws.

The unfortunate mother also said that when she made contact with her daughter, she could see that she was there and was trying her best to make eye contact. However, she could not even speak. According to Claire, this was the only drink she took that she didn’t pay for. However, taking that drink proved to be a huge mistake. It was especially traumatizing for her considering that this was her first night out since she had turned 18. Soon after drinking it, she started feeling weird. All she had were two sips and went outside.

Ten minutes later, she was already feeling the strange effects of the drink she had just consumed. She also knew that something sinister had happened. Millie was so sick after taking the drink that she could not see or walk. The young woman also said that she knew all that was going on, but she was not in a position to say or explain herself. Apparently, she could reply to those talking to her but could not get the words out. She admits that she was terrified and would never wish to go through that ever again. For that reason, she is not very keen to go out regularly after this incident. Her goal is to be more cautious to avoid getting into a similar situation again.

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