Mother left furious after day care worker pulled this out of her daughter’s mouth!

As all parents know by now, daycare workers are responsible for a lot when it comes to the children in their care. Well yes, daycare workers need to make sure the children use the bathroom when appropriate, that they eat their meals that were carefully prepared by their caring parents, and that they get enough rest when it is nap time. However, this daycare worker took things too far, according to the mom, when they removed something from her daughter’s mouth – even though the child asked the daycare worker not to do it.

The mother posted on her social media account and expressed her outrage at the daycare worker who removed her child’s tooth despite the child asking the worker not to do it. Mom claims that the worker’s refusal to listen to her daughter overstepped the body autonomy that she is trying to teach her little girl. And many people agree with the mom that the daycare worker was totally out of line for removing the girl’s tooth without the mom’s permission. The mother says her daughter was brave enough to ask the daycare worker not to remove her tooth, but the worker ignored her request and pulled it out before sending the tooth home in an envelope. The mother is now warning other parents about this incident and suggesting that all childcare workers be trained on body autonomy for children.

She is also calling for more regulations to be put into place so that such incidents don’t happen again. If you are a parent looking for a daycare center, make sure you ask them about their policies on body autonomy and how they plan to teach it to the children in their care. It’s important that we empower children with knowledge of their own bodies and respect their agency in making decisions regarding their own health and well-being. The mother’s story has definitely brought attention to this issue and many other parents are now speaking up to ensure that all daycare workers understand the importance of body autonomy for children. Let’s hope that by spreading awareness, incidents like this one will be avoided in the future and no child will ever have to experience something like this again.

“It’s pretty important we empower children to be able to ask an adult to stop touching them,” wrote one. Another said: “A newbie teacher did that at my old school and immediately was dismissed. We don’t wipe their noses so why would we yank out a tooth.” Some people felt that the teacher had not done anything too wrong even though they reached into the child’s mouth to pull out a wobbly tooth that the child did not want to be removed by the daycare teacher. “My elder sister ripped all my wobbly teeth out, she even made them wobbly so she could rip them out! All my teeth are absolutely fine today at 35.” Another mother said: “I’d be grateful. Nothing worse than pulling teeth.” A mother added, “I wish one of my kids’ teachers had pulled my kids’ wobbly teeth out! Grossest job out. Parenting really sucks sometimes. Give that worker a medal I say.” Some other Twitter users made it sound like it wasn’t such a big deal that the daycare worker removed the child’s tooth without anyone’s explicit permission. “Relax, it’s a tooth, not open heart surgery,” another user said. “Some kids go to school with a tooth barely holding on. If the teacher hadn’t done it, then it could have been swallowed. Good on the teacher for sorting it out.”

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