Mother ‘did the obvious thing’ after the nanny became pregnant with her 11-year-old son’s baby!

Per reports, the live-in nanny who was hired by the victim’s family, was convicted of se-ually assaulting the boy until she became pregnant with his child. The then-28-year-old woman, Marisa, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the stunning crimes she committed against 11-year-old Chris. The assaults happened until the nanny became pregnant with the child’s baby and gave birth to the baby. According to the boy’s parents, she served as a live-in nanny for the family. Because she had unprecedented access to her 11-year-old ward, she was able to groom the young man to become her se-ual assault victim.

During an interview, the boy described how his former nanny prepared him to receive her abuses and how she groomed him for the assaults well before the se* crimes began. He said, “It was a game called ‘are you nervous,’ and the object of that game was she’d place her hands somewhere on my body, and I’d say if I was nervous or not, and things escalated from there.” According to Chris, the victim, the assaults began when his nanny was a 22-year-old woman (SEE PHOTO). Once she began attacking him through se*, Chris claimed the assaults would occur almost every night. The nanny would trick the boy into having feelings for her and even told him that she had fallen in love with him, although he was half her age at the time of the attacks.

“She said that she loved me. She said that she wanted to date, but she couldn’t let anyone know because it was obviously wrong,” he said. Although the pair would engage in se* acts almost every night, the nanny advised Chris to keep it a secret. She wanted the boy to lie about the attacks and to keep the truth hidden from his parents – her employers. “You have to lie, or else I’m gonna have to go away,” Chris said his nanny used to say. Chris also said that he was stunned when the nanny told him she was pregnant with his child. Chris was just a 11-year-old boy at the time he got his live-in nanny pregnant.

“I was a little bit freaked because I was confused.” She told the family that the baby belonged to another man. She was living with the family at the time, and the parents had no clue that she was abusing their son. Chris eventually told his mother, Nadene, about the paternity of the baby. However, the family did not believe it, so they asked to get a DNA test to prove that the baby was or was not Chris’s. The results came back to confirm that Chris was the father. “When the results came back, I went and threw up,” Chris’s mother, Nadene, said. After the DNA tests, the nanny was charged with multiple counts of se-ual battery. She was convicted and sentenced to two decades behind bars. Chris’s son Bentley, who is now five, claims that Chris is the best dad! Being a single teen father was extremely hard for Chris. However, he is doing his best to give Bentley a good life despite the horrible circumstances of his birth.

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