Mom lets her young children drink coffee and stay up all night, claims ‘the no-rules approach is good because of this’!

According to the 29-year-old mother, Mara, one day she decided to do away with all rules. Mara claims she is a free-range mom who is raising her 4 kids so they never have to follow any rules while growing up. Although critics feel that this mother’s tactics are bound to fail once the children reach school age and grow up to become adults, Mara believes that it is better for children to be raised without rules so they never have to be told “no” by their parents. Her 4 kids are all under the age of ten and she doesn’t want her children to be restricted” in their lives so she doesn’t enforce any rules at home or when they’re out on the town. She even lets her young children drink coffee and stay up all night if that is what they want to do.

Mara says that she is not a single mother but is raising her four children alongside her 36-year-old partner, Christopher. The couple is happy to not have any rules at home so they don’t have to parent their four children, Emmy, nine, Murphy, seven, Ripley, five, and Indy, two. Critics feel that the parents are allowing children to do things that are dangerous to their health. For example, mom allows her young children to drink coffee and to run around outside without shoes on their feet.

Mom claims that her no-rules approach is good because her children don’t’ “crave sweet things” since she has not been “categorizing certain food as special or a treat.” Mom claims that her children somehow often choose to eat fruit and vegetables on their own without intervention from mom or dad who keeps their hands off and allows their children to make all their decisions about their own lives as though they were little adults. “I don’t agree with restricting food for my kids,” she said. “I don’t want them to have a negative relationship with food. I make sure all food is available for them which doesn’t categorize certain food as ‘special’ or a treat. It actually stops them craving sweet things if it is all available to them.”

Although medical professionals advise against it, Mara allows her young children to drink strong Starbucks coffee. Children under the age of twelve should not have caffeine. “I let them drink coffee if they want to try it but they don’t drink it as adults do,” the mother said. “They’re not doing shots of espresso all day.” No amount of caffeine is safe for children. Mom also allows her children not to wear shoes while out in public. “I’m a barefoot person and have strong feet. I let my kids go barefoot if they want unless the pavement is too hot,” she said. “Emmy and Indy love to be barefoot.” The mom also allows her son to wear dresses.

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