Mom begs for help after these ‘unusual beans started growing in her bathroom’!

According to his amazing mother, when ‘unusual beans’ started appearing on her bathroom floor, she had no other idea what to do but take photos of the strange objects and share them with the world. She begs for help from anyone around the entire world to help her identify what these bean-like objects are and why they would suddenly appear in her bathroom without any type of warning. People in the Facebook cleaning group where the images were initially published had many suggestions about what the bean-like objects could be.

One person suggested that they were maggots, while another said they were moth eggs. Another person thought they might be some type of raisin that fell from a snack pack. “Looks like what appears in a nappy when they’ve eaten too many sultanas.” Another person wrote that the bean-like objects found in the bathroom “look like someone’s skin tags had fallen off.” Some people wondered if they could possibly be skinned sausages, but the woman who originally posted the content said, “They are much, much smaller than that.” In addition, the woman said that she currently does not have any children living in her home. If kids were around, these bean-like objects could be a number of different things, including dried boogers and pellets of poop. 

“Google image search didn’t help. I think the wind blew them in,” she wrote in a follow-up post. Eventually, the mother learned a few more things about the bean-like objects appearing in her bathroom. She found large black ants wandering around and concluded that the ants emerged from the bean-like shells as babies and transformed into their adult selves. “I’ve since discovered (and killed) three large black ants wandering around the window area of my en-suite at different times,” she wrote. “So I conclude, with members’ help) that they were ant pupae.” Many species of ants spin a silk cocoon around themselves. At this stage, the ant inside develops and is called the pupa.

Eventually, pale yellow ants emerge from these cocoons and start living their lives. Their flesh quickly darkens as their exoskeleton gets harder and harder. The ants have given this mom a solution to her mystery, and she can now rest easy knowing that the ant pupae were not dangerous. Her advice to others is to “check your windows, especially if they are near trees or bushes.” Hopefully, this story will help other people identify what strange objects may be growing in their bathrooms! The woman was so thankful for all the help she received and is now using her newfound knowledge to make sure that this never happens again. She said, “I am now aware of the dangers of these ant pupae and will make sure I protect my home from any future infestations.”

She also shared a few tips on how people can prevent ants from entering their bathrooms:

  • Make sure windows are sealed off tightly with caulk or weatherstripping.
  • Regularly check for cracks or gaps in doors or window frames and seal them off as well.
  • Place ant traps around your bathroom to avoid any ant invasions.
  • Keep food stored away securely and avoid leaving crumbs or any food residue in your bathroom.
  • Clean up after yourself and remove any standing water around the window area.

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