“Immunotherapy is 100% to credit for this”, Young mom claims that the Keytruda treatment helped her survive the deadly disease after doctors told her she would most likely die within 5 years

The doctors reportedly told the young mother that she only had a 5% chance of living beyond five years. Unfortunately, at the time, she really felt like there wasn’t a lot of hope. But, the mother said she started getting immunotherapy and it worked. The good news was that it had no adverse side effects, she said. Two weeks ago, she got amazing news when scans came back showing the deadly disease was no longer there.

The mother from Arizona, Meghan Reilly, reportedly survived the deadly disease after doctors told her she would most likely die within 5 years, FOX19 reports.

Doctors reportedly diagnosed Reilly with breast cancer in 2017 after she began having pain in her bones. They reportedly told the mother that the cancer had spread to her lungs, liver, kidneys, and spine. She was told she only had a five percent chance of living beyond five years.

Meghan Reilly told AZ Family: “I was just numb. I felt like they had to have it wrong. There was no way that was happening to me…I would go on Google, and I just saw my odds, and I would try to find stories of beating stage four cancer, and unfortunately, there’s not a lot out there.”

My liver cleared up completely with the chemotherapy, and even my bones were starting to show that it was getting smaller. After about eight months, it stopped working. It was just kind of staying there, and the chemotherapy was really taking a toll on me…That’s when my doctor decided I would be a great candidate for immunotherapy, which at the time, it was only used for certain types of lung cancer and skin cancer.”

Per reports, the mother from Arizona reportedly started getting immunotherapy called KEYTRUDA in South Carolina and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The young mom said it only takes about 30 minutes, because it’s just a liquid.

Reilly also said that the treatment worked, and the best news was that it had no adverse side effects. Two weeks ago, she received the best news in her life – the scans came back showing the cancer was no longer there.

Meghan Reilly told AZ Family: “She said, ‘you have what we call no evidence of disease, meaning that the scans and blood work shows there’s no evidence of disease in your body. She said that this would have never happened with chemotherapy. Immunotherapy is 100% to credit for this.”

The lucky mom said that she is continuing to get the same treatments every six weeks, and that’s her decision.

Meghan Reilly also said:

“It’s like winning the lottery, but the life lottery. It’s hard to describe. It’s the most incredible feeling. It’s something I prayed for year and years and years.

I just want people to understand; there’s hope. There’s so many options for you, and never give up on it. Right when you think you can’t go on, that’s when the miracle happens…

I can’t tell you how many people have messaged me and have gotten a hold of me and said we have prayer circles going on. Our church prays for you. It’s brought me so much closer to my faith.”

The mom from Arizona shares daily updates on her YouTube channel. Each episode is a conversation with family members about the newest updates. These conversations are perfect for listening to while you are driving to work, on a morning run, or doing chores.

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