“I hope you’re best friends with God”, 7-year-old boy wanted to have a ‘meeting’ and gathered those who loved his dad to talk to him in heaven

Unfortunately, suddenly losing a loved one can cause extreme heartbreak. When the 7-year-old boy and his older sister unexpectedly lost their father, the two leaned on each other for support. The 7-year-old boy from California also coped with the loss by talking with his dad in heaven, a moment that was captured on camera. After the boy spoke to his father in heaven, he instructed everyone else to give their love to his parent as well.

In late January 2022, 42-year-old Jeff Lipary Jr. died while driving his motorcycle in California. The father of two lost control of his vehicle, which overturned, ejected him, and then he struck two signs in the median.

Despite life-saving measures attempted by medics at the scene, Lipary was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following Lipary’s death and funeral, his 7-year-old son Nico and 20-year-old daughter Jayda proposed a “meeting” to talk about his father.

Nicco gathered those who loved his dad and had them speak to Lipary.

The entire interaction was captured on camera.

After Nicco spoke to his father in heaven, he instructed everyone else to give their love to Lipary as well.

Jayda told Good Morning America that Nicco had them write down what they loved about their dad and draw pictures.

“And then he had us draw pictures of our dad in heaven looking down on us,” she said. “And he had us draw God because he says that God is best friends with our dad in heaven.”

“He really is, trust me,” Nicco said.

Since their father died, Jayda said she’s been helping her brother realize that it’s okay to be sad and miss their dad. And while she’s helping her little brother, she realized that he’s helping her just as much.

“One thing Nicco actually helps me with is he’ll ask me every single day, ‘Sissy, are you sad? Do you miss dad?’ and I always tell him, ‘Yes, I do.’”

Jayda said she hopes others see it’s okay if you physically lose a loved one because “spiritually they’re always going to be there with you.”

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