Furious mom was left stunned when her teen son came home in agony, she demanded teacher to be fired ‘after what he did to the boy’!

As a parent, there’s a lot you can do to influence how your children are treated and how students treat each other at school. Parents often feel like they have no say in what goes on within the walls of their children’s schools. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can be a powerful force for change; in fact, you should be — especially when it comes to ensuring that your child and other students feel safe, supported, and respected. Mother whose boy was assaulted in school by an educator now desires the teacher terminated. When her boy returned from school with a brilliant red palm print on his face, the mom was frightened.

The mark was left on his face after he was abused consistently by an educator at her son’s high school. It is believed that the instructor spanked the young boy nicknamed Xiaochen 12 times for talking with a schoolmate during a self-study session in his secondary school course. As a result of the repeated blow to his face, the boy is said to have actually endured a blast and also had several ruptured vessels near his eyes. He is currently being dealt with at a medical facility for his several injuries. The red mark expands from his temple down to his mouth location, and also doctors stated he experienced partial temporary hearing loss.

According to reports, the claimed teacher dragged the kid from his seat to the front of the course and started striking him right there in front of them. According to among the students who observed the event, Xiaochen wasn’t the just one assaulted that day “The teacher shed his temper and also first slapped a woman before striking Xiaochen.” the pupil claimed.

Many individuals discussed the incident and condemned the instructor’s activities. Among the comments left on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story read: “No child should ever before have to withstand this. Especially for an authority figure. Horrible” and also “Who is the monster that did this? She needs to have been pictured and reproached.” Whether this is an isolated situation or not, no educator should ever deal with a child by doing this, as well as the erring teacher should be held responsible for it to discourage others like him.

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