Father was on trial for killing his 5 children, then a ‘tiny voice in the courtroom left everyone stunned’!

According to the court documents, the jurors who were in the courtroom were in for a surprise when they heard a tiny voice. While the dad, Timothy, was cruel to every child, he saved his worst and most brutal torture for his 6-year-old son Nathan, court records say. Prosecutors also said that the father would force the boy to do military-type exercises until the boy literally dropped dead. The reason that Timothy had punished the boy to death was that he had broken an electrical outlet and reported it to his mother instead of to him.

During the trial, one of the boy’s Toy Story dolls started talking to them. Because the murder trial revealed all the gruesome details of what Timothy did to his children, the jurors were left traumatized. However, when one of the boys seemingly came back to this world to speak to them through his favorite Toy Story doll, they were left haunted and terrified. Jurors attest that they now believe that the six-year-old victim spoke to them from beyond the grave through the toy. It happened like this. The prosecutor handed the Woody doll from the Toy Story movie to the jury at the courthouse. As soon as the doll was handed over, it spoke to the jurors saying: “Boy, am I glad to see you!”

Because the message was so timely, members of the jury were traumatized. They could not believe how the dead boy had come back to speak to them from the grave like that. They believe that the 6-year-old boy, who owned the doll in life and loved Woody “more than anything,” used the doll to get his message across from the land of the dead. Meanwhile, Timothy’s defense attorneys painted a picture of Timothy, the murder of five children, as the victim. His upbringing was troubled, they said, he wrestled with undiagnosed schizophrenia, they said, he drank and did drugs, they said. But he drew out the murders of his five children over the course of several hours, savoring the brutalization and deaths of his offspring like a wild animal that eats its own young.

As prosecutors described what happened to Nathan, they left the jury traumatized. One 52-year-old female juror said, “I think about it every day.” She served as an alternate juror until she got excused near the end of the trial. “Many times during the trial, I went into the jurors’ bathroom and just wailed – cried my eyes out.” Only now have members of the jury come out to speak about the traumatizing trial. Many claim it was the most harrowing event of their life to hear what Jones did to his children. The jurors were not the only ones affected. Veterans cops and journalists fought back the tears as they endured the horrific details of Jones’s depraved gratifications. When the jurors delivered their guilty verdict calling for Timothy’s death, Judge Griffith thanked the jury for their service to justice. In the end, Timothy showed no emotion as the jury delivered a unanimous verdict, after less than two hours of deliberation, that sentenced him to death. Ladies and gentlemen, we are republishing this story amid recent reports of a surge in violent crimes in the U.S. during the pandemic.

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