Family told to turn off life support on brain dead girl, until one man pays her a visit!

Unfortunately, the family of 14-year-old Taylor prepared themselves to say goodbye and the doctors told them to turn off the life support. Taylor was a beautiful young woman who had the whole world ahead of her, but after she went brain dead, doctors told her family that life as she knew it was over, it was time to say goodbye. Her family was horrified that things had gotten this bad for the 14-year-old girl. Until only recently, the girl had been a regular high school student. She was dreaming of life beyond graduation and just wanted to see the world. On that fateful day, everything changed for Hale. While it should have been a silly moment, it turned into a series of events that eventually forced her parents to stare down their brain-dead daughter and face the reality of saying goodbye to her once and for all.

On that September day, she joined her friends at their house to celebrate the first football game that year. It was a big occasion for the students, and no one wanted to leave. But when the time came for the evening to wrap up, and someone rose to leave, Taylor and a friend teased that person because they wanted him to stay. She and her friend sat on the hood of the boy’s car to keep him around. But he didn’t care. He drove off despite them. The other girl fell to the ground without incident. Taylor, on the other hand, was dragged much farther until her head slammed against the pavement, and she was seriously injured. Her head slammed against the pavement.

Her friends thought that she was joking and laughed and laughed. But when she didn’t move, they realized it was serious. That’s when a friend called 911 and then called Taylor’s mom, Stacy. “There’s been an accident,” Stacy remembered Hale’s friend telling her over the phone. “An ambulance is on the way.” By the time Taylor got to the hospital, doctors had feared it was too late. They were pessimistic about her survival rate. By the early morning hours of September 17, they realized that she’d suffered a brain hemorrhage, her brain was bleeding. She had been unresponsive all that week, and with the news that her brain was bleeding, doctors feared the worst.

When the teen’s brain sank into the spinal canal, doctors were horrified. They feared that the teenager would go brain dead and be useless to the world. “No one comes back from that,” the doctors told her parents. When doctors admitted that the teen’s brain had “turned to mush,” they urged the parents to take her off life support. They said she was brain dead and that there was no more use in trying. When Taylor’s news spread around town, a family friend named Dr. Jeff showed up and called on God during his visit to the hospital. And God answered. Taylor woke up and went on to graduate high school. Dear readers, we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that suggest more and more people all across the country are performing random acts of kindness even amid the challenges of the pandemic.

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