Family of Black teen wants justice after their son, who became intoxicated and fell asleep at a party, woke up with the N-word, white supremacist symbols and other racial slurs written all over his head

Black family says they want justice after their 18-year-old son was racially targeted at a party. They claim the 16-year-old at the time became intoxicated and fell asleep. According to the parents, while the boy was unconscious, the N-word, white supremacist symbols and racial slurs were written on his head with a sharpie and he was draped in a confederate flag. Photos were taken of those acts and posted to social media. The family is searching for answers and justice after they believe their son racially targeted. 

The parents from Virginia, Kristie and Jerry Chambers, said the N-word was written in all caps behind their son’s, Jerry Chambers Jr., right ear. The family is searching for answers and justice after they believe their son racially targeted, 6 News reports.

On Sept. 12, 2020, the then 16-year-old boy attended a party where he became intoxicated and fell asleep. According to his parents, Chambers Jr. reportedly rode in a car with people he trusted. But, while the teen was unconscious, white supremacist symbols, the N-word and other racial slurs were written on his head in sharpie.

When the boy woke up to use the bathroom, they draped him with a Confederate flag and shared the pictures on social media. Few days later, the family went to the local police department and the Sheriff’s Office. But, according to the police department, the family did not want it investigated.

CCPD officials said that on Sept. 14, 2020, officers received a report of a suspicious situation that occurred at an unknown location on Sept. 12, 2020. It was reported that inappropriate things had been written on a juvenile male while he was unconscious.

According to WAVY, the Sheriff’s Office also said the family was unsure whether or not they wanted to file a report that day. The sheriff’s office reportedly told 8news, they contacted them twice more after the incident. But, the boy’s family says that not enough was done by law enforcement.

In December 2021, the boy’s parents came back to the Sheriff’s Office to file a report and proceed with an investigation into what happened to their son in 2020.

Kristie Chambers reportedly said: “This has just been horrifying. The trauma related to this hate crime has just been devastating to our entire family. We’ve been literally fighting to save our son’s life from September of 2020 to the present.”

She also said that her son has been in therapy since the incident.

In January 2022, the family went to the Sheriff’s Office and reported that Chambers Jr. was a victim of a brandishing of a firearm while attending a different party. Per reports, “a friend” allegedly pulled up his shirt and showed a firearm tucked in his pants. 

But, the Sheriff’s Office determined the case was not viable because the firearm was not being brandished and the teen was not threatened. According to Chambers Jr.’s parents, the individual who was involved in this incident was in attendance at the party in 2020.

According to NBC12, the Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

“During the party, the 16-year-old became intoxicated and unconscious. While he was unconscious subjects wrote racial slurs on him and covered him in a Confederate flag. The investigation also determined that unfortunately although the subjects responsible were identified during the course of the investigation the limitation of prosecutions outlined in Virginia Code 19.2-8 prevented investigators from obtaining criminal arrest warrants for them.

In Virginia, misdemeanor charges such as assault and battery must be placed within one year of the offense. Approx. 15 months had passed from when the offense occurred until it was reported. To ensure all possible avenues for prosecution were explored the case was then forwarded to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office for further review and the Federal Bureau of the Investigation was contacted.”

The FBI has been investigating the incident since earlier this year. The family members also said that authorities are looking to identify the individuals who took the photos.

According to RTD, the 18-year-old man reportedly said: “I never want others who have experienced a hate crime to feel alone. Never let the actions of someone else determine whether you want to live or not. Every single person listening to this right now has a future. I’d hate to see anybody lost due to suicide. Please continue to send support and help me see justice.”

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