Doctors screamed while mother was giving birth; when they displayed the kid, ‘she couldn’t believe what she saw’!

Giving birth is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Your baby’s birth day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Birth is beautiful, mind-blowing and intense. It’s exciting and life-changing. Not only do our brains change after giving birth but science also says that we’re just fundamentally differnet people after going through such an amazing experience. This amazing mom, Chrissy, was already a mother of three when she got pregnant with her most recent child. She suspected that this newborn might be bigger than normal, but she had no idea how big.

Each of Chrissy’s children had been born larger than the average size of a baby. They each weighed around 9 or 10 pounds. Still, this mom was absolutely stunned when she saw her daughter for the first time. Chrissy believed that this pregnancy would go as smoothly as possible for her because she has previously gone through it four times. And as the months went on, Chrissy became increasingly concerned that she was carrying twin babies. Her pregnant stomach was enormous that she began to wonder if she was expecting twins. They conducted an ultrasound in order to verify this, but the findings revealed that only one baby is present inside her huge belly.

According to the data, the doctors informed the experienced mother that her kid was a big one this time. Still, Chrissy didn’t worry since she felt nothing unusual other than her tummy being larger this time. The remainder of Chrissy’s pregnancy went without issue, and she had no difficulties. The baby was considered to require a C-section because of her size. The pregnancy proceeded as planned. But, while she was waiting for the doctors to deliver her kid, she could hear them shouting all around her. When they displayed the kid, she couldn’t believe what she saw.  When they rushed the newborn over to the scale to weigh her, she tipped the scales at an incredible 13 pounds and five ounces (SEE PHOTO)!

Chrissy also said: “When they held her around the curtain for me I just couldn’t believe how big she was. I felt like I was looking at a toddler, I was like oh my God, she’s gonna walk to the nursery.” After her C-Section, the doctors announced that they had never seen a baby as big as her. The baby was born before her expected due date, which means she would have weighed more if they waited until she was born on her intended day of delivery. Because the baby, Carleigh, is so enormous, the nurses were unable to locate newborn nappies that would fit her. They had no option but to go several sizes up in order to discover one that she could wear.

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