CRFD crews responded to structure fire at the ADM in SW Cedar Rapids after an explosion was reported in one of the grain storage silos

Cedar Rapids, IOWA – According to the statement, the responding firefighters concluded firefighting operations at the ADM site in SW Cedar Rapids and cleared the scene.

ADM personnel will also continue the clean-up and work to evaluate damage and the next steps in this process.

Investigators continue efforts to determine the cause.

CRFD and ADM personnel have been able to apply water into the affected bin and have reduced the internal temperature to a point where attempts at improving access to the burning area are possible.

The intent is to apply a higher volume of water as soon as possible and further mitigate the heat and fire.

CRFD and ADM personnel are approaching this incident with a high level of caution and working to ensure safety for all involved.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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