Colder Temps Returning to NE Iowa This Week

WATERLOO – Eventually… Not this week but, got your attention, right? Look, these 70+ (a couple of 80) degree days have been awesome. Right at peak leaf changing time, who doesn’t want great weather for going for a walk, bike ride, or having a bon fire? Well the good news: the upcoming forecast is still favorable for harvest. The bad? It’s going to get much cooler. I guess ‘seasonal’ is a better word.

Here’s the tempos you can expect as the week progresses into the weekend:

High temps for Thursday:

  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls: 53
  • Waverly: 53
  • Oelwein: 53

High temps for Friday:

  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls: 54
  • Waverly: 53
  • Oelwein: 53

High temps for Saturday:

  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls: 63
  • Waverly:62
  • Oelwein: 62

High temps for Sunday:

  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls: 60
  • Waverly:59
  • Oelwein: 59

Lows most of these nights will be slightly below freezing. Look on the bright side, we’re suppose to be wearing masks at all times already. That will keep you warmer.


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