Boy ‘told this chilling word to 12-year-old girl while he was being ravished by 43-year-old woman’ who drunkenly crashed a children’s birthday party!

Prosecutors said that the 43-year-old woman, Jessica, was arrested and taken into custody after she reportedly crashed a teenager’s birthday and r-ped a 17-year-old boy after plying him with alcohol. Officials also said that the defendant was out drinking with another friend and eventually decided to show up at the party. At some point, the friend went to sleep while Jessica continued staying up with the youngsters and made inappropriate se-ual comments. She went as far as calling a 12-year-old girl “a who***.”

While spending time with the youngsters, she even suggested the idea of the 12-year-old having se* with an older boy because “he has the biggest d***.” One girl at the party, aged 12, spoke about how she fell asleep on a bean bag chair and later woke up to hear strange se-ual sounds. What she saw when she opened her eyes was the sight of Jessica having se* with the 17-year-old boy just arm’s length away from her. As she later spoke to the police, the 12-year-old girl said the teenage boy whispered to her “help”, according to reports. She then saw the teenage boy get up from the spot and go to the bathroom to thr0w up. Once he came back to the spot, the se-ual activity reportedly resumed. 

“The girl stated the se* was mutual and they were both actively engaged in it. Neither of them was telling the other to stop, and both were moving,” according to the affidavit obtained by However, when the 17-year-old boy spoke to authorities, he said he had fallen asleep on a loveseat after the party was over. That’s when Jessica came up to him and started ra-ing him. And he could not push her off of him because she was too heavy, the boy said.

The incident came to light after the victim spoke to a staff member at his school about what happened at the party. Soon, the police were informed, and Jessica was arrested outside her workplace on May 11. When she was questioned about the incidents that took place on the night of the party, she claimed she blacked out after drinking with her friend and couldn’t recollect what happened later. She also claimed to have remembered waking up on the loveseat at some point and found the teenage boy having se* with her. She was charged with two counts of Child Abuse and two counts of Unlawful Se-ual Activity with a Minor.

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