Bear finds lost GoPro camera and accidentally recorded one of the most unique videos ever!

Dylan, the man who misplaced his GoPro camera, was apparently out archery hunting when he discovered an old GoPro camera. Dylan is said to have taken the camera home and charged it. Dylan was astonished and amused by what he saw when he played back the GoPro’s recordings after it had been fully charged. It lasted more than four minutes. And what met him was an American black bear tossing the GoPro around with its paws and carrying it around in its enormous mouth.

There was a lot of snow, but the surrounding trees are mostly snow-free. The bear pushes the camera about with its paw for the first minute and a half of the video before attempting to pick it up with its mouth. After a few amusing efforts, the bear succeeds, even turning the front of the camera towards its face, as if it were filming itself for a vlog.

There are numerous reasons why a GoPro could be misplaced. Because they are durable tiny cameras, users take them on hikes, riding, adventuring, and a variety of other activities. People on Twitter began mocking the video, turning the bear into a standard YouTuber.

This bear made himself famous and he doesn’t even know it. He does have a cute face but it’s not like anyone’s just going to approach him in the hopes of cuddles. Just take a good long look at that mouth.

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