Baby was abandoned at the hospital, when nurses looked under the blanket their jaws hit the floor!

A baby born without any arms and legs, was abandoned by his birth mother when she feared she couldn’t properly care for him. His name is Gabe and he was placed in an orphanage, but his story caught the eye of Janelle, a mother of 13 children. When she saw his photo in a grocery store, she said to herself: “I’d take him in a second.” The family eventually adopted Gabe. Gabe went on to live a wonderful life with his forever family and, despite his disability, does many things you wouldn’t expect of someone with his limitations.

Janelle reportedly said: “I kept wondering, ‘How would I feed him? How would I dress him? How would we teach him to walk?’,” adding, “It felt right. Bringing him to U.S. with us was just something we were supposed to do.”

Gabe noted in an article that his parents’ support helped him succeed at everything, including being independent and able to eat, write, walk up stairs, swim, and jump off the diving board. He noted: “They helped me see myself as a normal boy who could find independence. I just needed a different approach to accomplish things.”

While it took Gabe a year to learn how to walk, he eventually became more comfortable at that than using a wheelchair. He also has adapted to hold a pencil or fork with his neck, shoulder, and chin. Now, he is a famous TikTok and social media star. He has more than 3 million followers on TikTok and people enjoy his videos. God bless you Gabe and enjoy your life.

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