11-year-old girl gave birth after complaining of stomach pains, ‘doctors screamed when they learned who the father is’!

We all want to be the best parents we can be for our children. I really believe that all parents would agree. Every aspect of being a parent has been more complicated and more fraught during the pandemic, with parents managing complex new assignments and anxious new decisions, all while handling the regular questions that come up in daily life with the children we love. And it’s very important to focus on balancing priorities, juggling responsibilities and quickly flipping between the needs of your children.

But, unfortunately, this was not the case with this 11-year-old girl. According to reports, the 11-year-old child, who was not identified, reportedly gave birth to a baby that was reportedly fathered by her older brother. The child was born in a Spanish hospital to the girl who had been admitted complaining of stomach pains. The girl’s parents, who were not identified, called an ambulance and told doctors they believed their daughter had a serious intestinal condition due to the severe pain she was in. But upon arrival at the hospital, doctors realised the girl was in the late stages of labour and about to give birth.

Authorities said in a statement that the baby was born before staff were able to transfer the girl to a delivery room. Health minister Villegas said that the region’s police and social services were investigating because the baby’s father is thought to be the girl’s 14-year-old brother. DNA tests will be conducted to establish whether this is the case. Neither the girl nor her parents claim to have known she was pregnant.

According to Yahoo News, authorities were called in to investigate and have found the father of the child is the girl’s older brother. It was reported that the girl’s brother was 13 when she got pregnant. He is not likely to face criminal proceedings under Spanish law because he is below the age of criminal responsibility. The girl’s parents said they were not aware she was pregnant until they brought her to the hospital, believing she had a serious intestinal problem.

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