11 men who took teen into wooded area and ravished her for hours said ‘they had to ravish her because of her sickening demand’!

The group of 11 men, between 18 and 30, reportedly assaulted the teen as she was walking home. The 11 men then reportedly dragged her into a wooded area and r-ped her for several hours. During the trial, one of the suspects confessed that the group only had se* with her ‘because of the victim’s sickening demand’. The 18-year-old teen was reportedly approached by several men while celebrating with friends at a nightclub. The men offered her ecstasy, court records say. The men then spiked her drink with an unknown substance, causing her to become increasingly incapacitated. Once the teen was indisposed, the men followed her outside and seized her. 

The group of 11 men, who were migrant, dragged the young woman into a nearby wooded area and took turns repeatedly r-ping her for several hours. However, after they had been caught, they had a deeply disturbing excuse for investigators. One of the r-pist, 23-year-old Majd, told prosecutors that the 11 men only r-ped the girl because she demanded se* with the entire group. Defense attorney Joerg reiterated his client’s accusation, stating that the victim had consensual se* will all 11 suspects. He said: “The alleged perpetrator claims that se-ual intercourse was not only consensual, but that she massively demanded it.” Robert, the lawyer of another defendant, also claimed his client’s innocence using the same allegation, according to reports. 

The suspects were apparently so aggressive that 20 German police officers were brought in to drag the men to the court benches as they resisted. One of the men reportedly lifted his middle finger to the court and shouted, “Whoever photographs me will go to hell!” Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the case is that, despite his age, Majd is being tried as a juvenile, The Daily Mail reports. Even though the victim was courageous enough to face her attackers in court, she broke down in tears and cried through the entire hearing. Still, the defense attorneys repeatedly accused her of seducing the men and consensually engaging in group se*. Majd has been accused of luring the intoxicated woman outside with the promise of showing her a unique tattoo on his thigh.

When she tried to walk back into the club, he allegedly grabbed her from behind and tore off her skirt and panties before r-ping her. He then went back inside and told his friends that “a woman you can f— is waiting outside.” The victim told investigators that she fought back, scratching and hitting some of the suspects. However, her drug-induced stated and tiny frame was no match for the much larger, stronger men. She was then gang-r-ped for several hours. The men were identified through both DNA samples and corroborating witness accounts from customers and nightclub staff members. These accounts soon led to the arrest of the 11 suspects and identified Majd as the ringleader.

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